I am obsessed with clay. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by it, digging it up from the fields when I was young and making things that rapidly fell to pieces. It is the only material I know that only needs hands to shape it.
Despite no formal opportunity to train in ceramics, I have always continued to make things out of clay.

Each piece I make is entirely hand built. The animal sculptures include British wildlife, farm animals, dogs and cats. I also make other animals found further afield, such as rhinos, leopards or elephants.

I use several types of stoneware clay and fire to 1260°C in a gas kiln.

Apart from the ceramics, my work is available in Bronze resin and foundry Bronze. I have made many commissioned sculptures, and continue to accept commissions, particularly pets

I also teach ceramic sculpture in a purpose built studio at my home.


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