Hare Listening -large

19 x 12 x 32cm


19 x 12 x 32cm

( bronze resin Hare listening, large – SKU HARE-003 )

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bronze resin Hare listening, large

About to run? My bronze resin Hare listening hare has heard something but he’s not sure what, he is pausing to see if he can work out what it is before he runs or settles down to grazing again


Hares are one of British Wildlife’s most mysterious and elusive creatures, for most people rarely seen and even then rarely sitting still. There are many interpretations of them, by many artists. I hope you like mine which I think are fairly realistic, but with a twist that’s personal to me. I have been making ceramic hares for some years, but their appeal does not seem to wane. Hares are still the most popular animal that I sell, and make perfect gifts and Christmas presents. The bronze resin hares are available in several sizes and poses, including tiny ones.

Resin Bronze Sculptures

When I make a sculpture I particularly like, I have it moulded and cast in Bronze Resin. A process that creates an attractive and durable alternative to real bronze. The bronze resin animal sculptures have proved to be very popular as they are affordable and easy to send and I am continually adding to the range. My work is also available in galleries, mainly in the Westcountry.


If you would like to find out more you can also check out my Facebook Page. Every year for Dorset Art Weeks I coordinate several like-minded artists and transform my home into a gallery. Check out the Horethorne Group facebook page as well for all the latest news.

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Dimensions 19 × 12 × 32 cm