~The Horethorne Group~

The Horethorne Group, which started in 2012, is a collection of talented artists and craftworkers who exhibit together during Dorset and Somerset Art Weeks in two venues in the village of Charlton Horethorne. One venue is my house on the Milborne Port Road; the other is the workshop of Claire Waters, the glass artist in the centre of the village

Every odd numbered year we exhibit for Somerset Art Weeks and every even numbered year we exhibit for Dorset Art Weeks. We can do this as we are right on the county border.

Dorset Art Weeks take place around May/June, Somerset Art Weeks take place around Sept/Oct. Both events continue for sixteen days. For opening times, check the brochures, flyers or contact me.

Although Somerset has Arts Weeks every year, we only participate in the odd numbered years.

There is a core group of artists, including myself and Claire Waters. However, every year there will be new things to see as we welcome new artists to exhibit with us

The event takes over my house, with art displayed in the studio, garden, kiln shed, bedrooms, kitchen, my workshop and the large living room that transforms into a gallery. There is tea and homemade cake available to eat either in the garden if the weather is good, or in the house.

We are lucky to have The King’s Arms in the village; they serve very good food if you would like a comfortable and welcoming place to have lunch between Art Week venues.